San Francisco Airport Map & Info Guide

Since San Francisco International Airport is one of the biggest in North America, getting around and understanding it can be very difficult if you have to do it alone, and that's why we are here. Below we have included all of the key information when navigating the SFO Airport so you can get through it seamlessly and effectively - we wouldn't want you missing your flight!

San Francisco International Airport is 13 miles from downtown San Francisco, California. SFO is the 7th busiest airport in the United States, and the twenty-first busiest airport in the world today.

This airport is stationed near Millbrae and San Bruno and is in San Mateo County. Different amenities while traveling the airport are; full service travel agency for last minute bookings or changes, free Wi-Fi, Shops (100% Pure, Aviator News & Books, Bay Area Club House, Bay Reader Kiosk, Brookstone, Burberry, Kiehl's, MANGO, Natalie's Candy Jar, and more), Lounges, Traveler Assistance, Restaurants (Amoura Cafe, Andale Mexican Restaurant, Boudin's Bakery and Cafe, Buena Vista Cafe, Burger Joint, Cat Cora, Burger King, Deli-Up Cafe, and more), Business Facilities, ATMs, Foreign Exchange, Animal relief, car rental companies on site, public transit on site, and more. There are always attendants around to help you out with any questions you may have about navigating the airport. On the SFO international airport website, there are printable maps to help you navigate the airport seamlessly. You can find a link to the website at the bottom of this webpage. As for parking, see all off-site SFO parking options here.

Terminals and Gates
  • Terminal One (The South Terminal)
  • Terminal 1 is made up of two boarding areas; boarding area B and boarding area C. In boarding area B, there are 24 gates including gates (20-23, 24A, 24B, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32A-C, 33-35, 36A-B, 37-39). Boarding area C includes gates (40-44, 45A-B and 46-48). There used to be a terminal A, but it was demolished in 2007.
  • Terminal Two (The Central Terminal)
  • Terminal 2 was opened in 1954 as the main airport and was built onto later in 1983. This terminal was closed and re-opened in 2000 with major updates. This terminal has 14 gates including gates (50, 51A-51B, 52-53, 54A-B, 55, 56A-B, 57, 58A-B and 59).
  • Terminal Three (The North Terminal)
  • Terminal 3 was opened in 1979 and has 2 boarding areas; Area E and Area F. Area E has 10 gates (60-69), and Area F has 29 gates that include gates (70, 71A-B, 72-76, 73A, 77A-C, 78-83, 74A-D, 85-90, and 87A).
  • International Terminal
  • The International Terminal is made-up of boarding areas A and G. The international terminal was opened just recently in 2000, and is the largest international terminal in North America. Boarding area A consists of 13 gates, (A1-A10, A11-A11A and A12). Boarding area G consists of 15 gates, (G91, G92-G92A, G93-G98, G99-G99A, G100, G101-G101A and G102).

The different airlines that fly out of SFO airport are; AeroMexico, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, ANA (All Nippon), Asiana, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta (international), Emirates, EVA Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, JetBlue, KLM, Korean Air, LACSA, LAN, Lufthansa, Philippine Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Sun Country, Swiss Air, United, Virgin American, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, American Airlines, AirTran, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, and Us Airways.

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