Top 10 Best San Francisco Car Rentals

When traveling anywhere, it's important to receive good service and a comfortable, reliable vehicle. You don't want to break down in the middle of nowhere and have to call for help - that can be really unsettling in a new place that you aren't familiar with. Make sure to rent with one of the following car rental agencies to ensure you get the best of everything.

Top 10 SFO Car Rental Companies

Top Ten SFO Car Rental Companies

#10. Lost Campers

2955 3rd St, San Francisco, CA

Lost Campers is definitely the place to go if you are planning a camping trip or a trip up to your buddies summer home. Here, you can rent cars, vans and RVs. When renting an RV from Lost Campers, you are ensured a reliable vehicle that will take you all the way to your destination. The RVs are always cleaned out before the next person, family or group of friends arrive to pick them up. There have been very limited complaints at this car rental company since there is such friendly service.

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#9. Dollar Car Rental

364 O'Farrell Street, San Francisco, CA

At Dollar Car Rental San Francisco there are reliable and unscratched cars. They are all beautifully used and usually have no issues. There is a bit of a long wait to get your car, from 20 minutes - an hour (depending on the line), but they have the cheapest rentals you'll find. If you're on a budget and don't mind waiting a little longer, Dollar Car Rental would be perfect for your vacation to San Francisco

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#8. Hertz Rent-A-Car

840 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA

If you are a member of Hertz Gold Line, this may be the easiest transaction of your life when it comes to car rental companies. You will skip the line and be done within 10 minutes. Great right? If you aren't in the gold member club, you will definitely have a bit of a wait, but that's normal especially if there is a line. The staff here move as quickly as possible to give you the very best service.

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#7. Alamo Rent-A-Car

340 Ofarrell St, San Francisco, CA

Alamo Rent-A-Car is a very busy and popular San Francisco car rental location, this means that there will be long lines almost every time you arrive, but with the help of the great staff, you will get through the line with no time to blink. You'll be taken care of what will seem like immediately. Alamo Rent-A-Car always gives out the best car for your age range, if you are younger, there is a chance that you won't get the car you'd like, but if you are older, you get priority and can actually hand pick the car you want.

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#6. City Rent-A-Car

1433 Bush St, San Francisco, CA

At City Rent-A-Car there are many different cars to choose from. From luxury cars to pick up trucks, every need you have will be met by the helpful and caring staff at City. This car rental company is a little further from the airport than most would like, but if you are up for an adventure, take the incredible public transit over to pick up your vehicle.

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#5. National Car Rental

750 Bush St, San Francisco, CA

At National Car Rental you can always land great and inexpensive last minute deals that will make you happy you went to National. If you own an Emerald Card, you will be able to bypass the line and get your vehicle smoothly and quickly. All of the cars have a check up before being sent off with the next guest. You will always get a reliable and comfortable car when booking with National Car Rental

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#4. Bandago Van Rentals

2200 Cesar Chavez, San Francisco, CA

Bandago Van Rentals cater to large groups of people who all want to travel together, and people going camping. They rent large vans and also RVs. The 15 person vans that are rented out here include LCD Televisions, DVD players, outlets, iPod docks and more. If you are the person who would rather sleep on a bed than on the ground while camping, this is definitely the place for you to come and pick up a vehicle for you and your buddies.

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#3. Get Around

1177 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA

Get Around is definitely a change from the normal, corporate car rental companies. At Get Around, you are able to rent out San Francisco local's cars. This is definitely a cheaper option when it comes to traveling. It is easy to download, load and pick the car you want from thousands! All you have to do is book your dates, which car you'd like, and get in touch with the car owner. It's that easy. The two of you will most likely create a meet up spot where you can pick up the keys and your vehicle for however long you're renting.

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#2. Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car Of San Francisco

222 Mason St, San Francisco, CA

Beverly Hills Rent-A-Car San Francisco definitely caters to a certain crowd who can't stand to drive anything under par from their cars at home. There are tons of luxury cars to choose from and if you like the car that you've driven a lot, you can buy it on site. This is also a car dealership.

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#1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

233 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA

Enterprise Rent-A-Car San Francisco is hands down the best car rental company in all of San Francisco. The staff here care about their customers and want to ensure they have the best time on their adventure through their city, and are willing to put in the extra work to make sure that everything is running smoothly. When there is a big line or the staff knows that a lot of people will be coming in, they all jump behind the booth and help customers quickly and efficiently. The vehicles given out here at Enterprise vary from luxury vehicles to vans to trucks. Anything you can think of is rentable at Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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